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Effectively manage Quality, Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health (ESH) with one flexible software package. 

Paper Tiger is made up of a number of Modules  - or building blocks - that can be combined to manage just about any compliance system.

If you a looking at developing a Quality or ESH system we suggest to start with the three
  Corner stones to get a good foundation. This is the quality triangle and contain the vitals of any system.

1 Documentation and Document Control - In the Documentation the organisation states: "This is how WE do things!" 
Document Control ensures that each document is distributed to those that need it as well as any changes or updates.

2 Training Management - This is how the information in the documentation gets implemented. Training is the main tool to lift an organisation's game. 

3 Corrective Action - Correct the course when things go wrong and use NCR's to improve systems and processes. 

There are no silver bullets in QA and ESH management - but get these three right, apply some common sense and perseverance and the implementation is 75% done!

Paper Tiger modules can be run as stand alone but are more effective when combined with others as they integrate and work together - the total being more than the sum of individual components. 

Most modules can be purchased singly or in combination with other modules. Modules can be added at any time.

The Calibration module is designed as stand alone module only.

If you are saddled with a QA or ESH system that is very complex and heavy to drive - review the above three corner stones, get them  right and then build from there. 

Available modules:

# ESH Environmental, Safety, Health   includes:
   -ESH Corrective action management
   -Staff registers and reports
   -Rehabilitation management
   -Ongoing hazard management
# Hazardous materials
# Permit to work
# Equipment & PPE issue management
# RISK management (based on HACCP)
# Audit wizard
# CQM and NCR (Corrective Actions)    includes:
   -Corrective actions management
   -Non conforming products management
   -Non performing Suppliers management
   -Issue management
# Customer complaints management
# Document and record control
# Training management
# Calibration management with CPK
# Traceability

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Last update August 2014