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Traceability of raw material, components and ingredients are very important, not just for the food industry but for any industry that need to keep track of what goes into their products.

Who supplied what? What supporting documents like specifications, analysis or compliance certificates were provided? Which material went into which production batch and who were the customers?
All questions that can be raised by a customer, compliance authority or during a product recall.

The Paper Tiger Trace-It module will provide answers to these questions instantly and with hotlinks to every certificate, analysis or purchase order they can be produced with a click of the mouse. 

Externally purchased as well as internally produced raw materials are catered for. Simple screens and ready made reports make setup easy.

See sample reports      Batch     Filtered by ingredent

Trace-iT ingredient** screen

Trace-iT Batch** screen








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** The naming of Ingridient or Batch can be changed to component, raw material, steel stock etc to suit the application.