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The Audit Wizard

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Audits and audit reports are a time consuming chore - but the job can be greatly simplified using the right tool.

This module is designed for every day auditing. With the Audit Wizard audits can be created, delegated to lower supervisory levels, quantified, results graphed and evaluated in a consistent manner - all with a minimum effort. 
The Audit Wizard is not for the more comprehensive system audits but for all those minor audits needed to verify smaller key parts of your systems.

With the Audit Wizard you can create any number and types of audits. Quality, Health & Safety, Security, Product, Hazard, Stress ... anything. Each audit can contain up to 80 questions in ten sections. Each answer can be scored using a user defined numeric scale. You set your own scales.  The Audit Wizard will calculate percentage passrates, generate reports, trends and keep all old audits for easy recovery. Audit sheets with all the questions can be printed or emailed directly to the auditor(s).

The audit wizard overcomes the twin difficulties of quantifying audits (in % score) as well as repeatability by setting simple scales that everyone can understand.  View Report 119

The Audit Wizard links directly to the CQM / NCR and ESH modules so that corrective actions can be raised on the spot, assigned, tracked and reported on. 
Corrective actions are raised in a semi automatic mannner with known data already inserted.






You can download a demo of the Audit Wizard by clicking here.
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