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The Paper Tiger Calibration management program "Calibrate" is a stand alone program to manage and schedule calibrations and verifications of all measuring instrument and tools in a manufacturing or service industry environment.

Calibrate is not complex but will manage calibration for all instruments, measuring devices, jigs etc for even a very large organisation. Calibrate runs over the network and the data is shared by all with the righ password. All reports, calibration schedules, trends, instrument registers etc that you'd expect in this type of program are present.

Measuring instruments like verniers, micrometers, moisture meters etc are often handed out to staff to use - often for lengthy periods.  Calibrate tracks who has got which vernier, micrometer etc. When they got it and when they returned it - or not. Reports and history by staff member and by device.

Calibrate will also calculate Capability Index - CPK. This ability makes it easier to implement a six sigma system.

Calibrate set-up screen

Instrument report









Graph Calibration results vs max upper and lower variation limits.

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