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To capture complaints, NCRs, Improvements, Non conforming products, Supplier issues etc is one of the hardest things to do in a Quality system.  

The same applies to Hazards, incidents, near misses and other safety issues in an ESH system

Once captured, issues can be addressed. But people are reluctant to report problems if it is too difficult. 

It is an absolute must to have easy and simple systems to capture issues. 

And the system should be at home with both formal and informal reports. A moan on the phone from a customer is as valid as a written letter of complaint.

      Paper Tiger captures issues in three main ways.
  • Front Office: By entering the issue directly into the Paper Tiger Front Office screen. The front office screens are simple and have only one purpose - to catch issues. The Front Office is accessible from any computer with Paper Tiger installed and is not password protected. 

  • Back Office: All issues can  also be entered DIRECTLY into the Paper Tiger Back Office - Where all management of issues take place

  • Internet: Using Paper Tiger's OASIS web interface allows customers, staff and the public to lodge complaints, report non conforming products and hazards or make improvement suggestions etc directly from the internet  into Paper Tiger.

    Staff and customers can use a desktop icon to connect to the Paper Tiger's OASIS. They can be located anywhere in the world, on or off your network - all they need is an internet connection.
    This is a good way to capture issues - simple, quick, no fuss - and you get the story from the horses mouth - not filtered by two or three intermediate staff!