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Customer Complaints Management

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A Customer complaint - something has gone wrong. It may be a minor glitch or a sign of a more deep-seated problem – either way it will cost money - a lot of money if it is serious - and a customer may be lost.

The Paper Tiger Customer Complaints Management module - CCM - aims to turn a complaint into something positive for both the customer and the provider. For the customer; the problem is fixed and the satisfaction of being listened to. For the provider an improved product or service and a repeat customer.

The Paper Tiger CCM is built to manage this entire process and ensure that nothing falls though the cracks. It provides simple ways of capturing and managing complaints, monitoring progress and keeping the customer, management and sales staff informed.
Everything required to manage the process is there. Response and closing letters/emails, delegation without losing track, monitoring tools for no action, open complaints, overdue complaints and more, classifications by locations, product, type, subtype.... , costs, automatic reviewprompt, extensive reporting with text reports, graphs, trends, costs...
This is a proven process that really works.

Customer complaints management can run as a stand-alone module but it also integrates with  Training  Management, Document control and Audit modules - enabling reports to be generated for both internal and external issues. This makes it simple to include for example both internal production problems and customer complaints regarding a specific product in one report or graph.

The CQM / NCR Management and the Customer complaints modules comes together.

Sample report of "at risk" customers

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