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CQM / NCR Corrective Action Management  

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CQM = Customer and Quality Management


CQM / NCR Corrective Action Management is an enhanced, classic CPA Management process.

It will manage virtually any issue or problem like NCR, Supplier issues, non conforming products... in a very effective manner. Paper Tiger uses the Front Office/ Back Office concept. 
The Front Office is made available on every PC with Paper Tiger installed in the organisation and is used to capture problems, issues, complaints, requests...

The Back Office is used by experienced staff members to manage all these issues.
There are three key ingredients to successful CQM / NCR management:

  • Capture problems as they occur
  • Address the P in the CPA process (Corrective and Preventive Action) - not just the C component - to stop issues recurring.
  • Analyse results and remedy problem areas before they grow out of control - look for trends, hot spots, costs, customer  / supplier problems etc

CQM / NCR Corrective Action Management is very flexible and can be set up by the user to manage virtually any issue that need to be actioned, tracked and reported on. 
Everything required to manage the process is there. Corrective action requests (print or email), delegation without losing track, monitoring tools for no action, open issues, overdue issues and more, classifications by locations, product, type, subtype....  automatic review prompt, extensive reporting with text reports, graphs, trends, costs...

The screenshot above records a Supplier non performance. The Action request below is emailed directly from Paper Tiger to the supplier with a request for action.

The CQM / NCR Management module can run as a stand-alone module but it also integrates with Training  Management, Document control and Audit  modules

The CQM / NCR Management and the Customer complaints modules comes together.

Would you like to see more? download a demonstration from the download page.

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