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Need Assistance to create  understandable and useful operating procedures, policies etc? 

CatsPaw Communications

the specialists in the field. They'll also train your staff to create SOPs, policies and more.


Documentation - This is where an organisation states: 

"This is how WE do things."

Documents like policies, SOP's, instructions, specifications, drawings and so on are at the heart of any organisation. Documents are also time consuming and expensive to create - They become an asset that is worth looking after.

Documents that are not managed quickly get out of control. They receive unauthorised changes, become superseded, are made obsolete. Staff end up using different versions of specifications, pricelists, drawings, samples and SOPs - and so will customers and clients. 

This is where Document control comes in

Documents and Document control form the first corner stone in any good management system - Without these it is an uphill battle. DC manages all policies, SOP's, instructions, specifications, drawings and ensures that everybody has the same, authorised version and prevents obsolete and superceded documents polluting the system.

A well-documented organisation is in much better shape to recover quickly after loss of key staff.

Paper Tiger controls the information about each document. All relevant data is managed - Who is receiving it? When did they get it, When was it updated? Where is the master located? What is its URL on the intranet site? What references does it make? What other documents reference it? Who authorize changes? Who is trained in it ... ? 

Paper Tiger does not store the document itself. This makes the introduction of Paper Tiger simple, as existing ‘documents’ stay where they are - Paper Tiger just hotlinks to them. 

Document control is not limited to documents like Standard Operating Procedures! A controlled document can be anything that is distributed to a number of people (both internally and externally) that will require updating from time to time. Examples are policies, drawings, specifications, pictures, videos, price lists, product samples and more.

Paper Tiger automates the document control processes, and will produce everything required to distribute a document bar the document itself. Paper Tiger produces transmittal and withdrawal notices, personalised indexes, review reminders, mailing labels and more to make the task of document control manageable and efficient.

Paper Tiger will manage distribution of both hard copy and electronic documents in any mix.

Paper Tiger maps documents against standards, policies and other documents. You can map all documented information required to manufacture a product, meet a standard - or teach a degree course.

With Paper Tiger you distribute only the documents each recipient needs, minimising information overload.

The Paper Tiger document control module links to the Paper Tiger Training Management, CQM and Audit modules. 

Paper Tiger Document control can handle thousands of distributed documents with absolute surety. There is never any doubt of who has and who hasn't received a specific document or version.

Would you like to see more? download a demonstration from the download page.

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