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Environmental, Safety and Health (ESH) Management

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Paper Tiger manages Environmental and  Occupational Safety and Health within the one module - the ESH module.

The process is described in the flow chart below. The Paper Tiger difference lies in the capture of issues and that the process does NOT stop after the initial corrective and preventive actions have been completed.

The question is then asked: "Has the cause of the incident or hazard been eliminated?" If the answer is No, then the Ongoing Hazard Management module in Paper Tiger comes into play. Risk levels are determined, Control measures and Review frequencies are set and Reviewers assigned. Hazard register where hazards are prioritised according to risk level and review schedules are produced.
Control points put in place to manage the hazard are monitored and the results recorded. This continues for the life of the hazard. 

There are more than twenty report criteria plus wildcards that can be combined in any way to generate several hundred different reports, graphs and trends.
Reports are created in an uncomplicated process, are easy to use to identify the real problems in the organisation. Data can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Once identified, systemic improvements can be made to minimise or eliminate hazards and the results reported and graphed to ensure real problems were corrected - not just the symptoms.
The Paper Tiger ESH module is a serious tool to manage incidents and actual and potential hazards.

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The ESH module is the largest in Paper Tiger with a high funtionality and reports to match. Anything from injuries, incidents and hazards to environmental consent conditions can be tracked and managed can be tracked and managed.