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The Paper Tiger hazardous materials module tracks all hazardous materials in the organisation.

In an industrial environment there are often large number of chemicals or substances. Some may be fire hazards, others toxic, some both. Even everyday cleaning products have some nasty effects if splashed in the eye or swallowed.
The Paper Tiger hazardous materials module tracks all hazardous materials the organisation has. What it is, how much, where, who is responsible, classifications are all included in this module. There is reporting with extensive selection criteria.
With the hazardous materials module you can quickly determine where a particular material is stored (in any number of locations) and the maximum quantity that may be stored in each location. Or you can run a report for a specific location or class of chemical and see what you have got. See sample screen below.

The hazardous materials module also generates "in house MSDS sheets". These are one page descriptions of a material with clear instructions of what to do in an emergency. Many MSDS's are too complex to be of much use when someone has accidentally swallowed a mouthful of a chemical on the nightshift. Then you need a quick reference complete with doctor telephone numbers etc. The Paper Tiger in house MSDS sheets can be quickly printed or viewed from the non pass-worded Front Office - but we do recommend that a folder of current in house MSDS sheets be readily available at each location for emergency use.

Note that the hazardous materials module is not a stock control program nor a chemical substance library - it is an inventory of what and how much of each substance you have and where it is located.