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Permit to work is a proven method to ensure hazardous work is not carried out without safeguards in place.

Hot welding in an area with flammable materials, confined space work, machinery maintenance are just some areas where a permit to work is required. Traditionally a Permit to Work book was used to set conditions and issue permits. But as industries grow and get more complex, more outside contractors without local knowledge are used. To cut waiting times more books are required in different locations and more people are empowered to issue permits. The system grows, co-ordination and control is lost.

The Paper Tiger Permit to Work module was developed to clear up this  situation. Permits can be applied for over the network from any location and a number of experienced staff can be authorised to issue permits. Staff issuing permits can view what other permits have been issued to ensure co-ordination and that permits do not "collide". Once approved a permit is locked - other work or permit conditions cannot be added or altered.
Permits can be printed from anywhere on the network where Paper Tiger is installed or emailed to other locations. Permits are tracked to make sure they are closed when the job is finished and reports can be generated listing permits issued by person, location, type of permit etc. The Permit to work module comes free with the ESH module but can also be purchased as a separate module. See Flowchart.
Each Permit will automatically list known hazards in the permit location that are listed in the ESH module.


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