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Risk Management is a proactive method of anticipating serious hazards and doing something about them before they do something to you.

The Paper Tiger Risk Management module is designed for Manufacturing  and Sevice organisations that want to identify and manage hazards and risks in a proactive manner. The essence of the risk management program is:

  • Identification and analysis of hazards.

  • Development of Critical Control Points (CCPs) to control the hazards.

  • Develop plan B's if the hazards turn into incidents.

  • Ongoing reviews of the CCPs to ensure they are current and effective.

  • Where failures occur - incident investigation and analysis with subsequent CCP modification / implementation.

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Risk Management can be used in any organisation to minimise, manage and sometimes eliminate serious risks. Commercial, environmental, health & safety, educational, legal, manufacturing, engineering processes can and do use risk management.

The Paper Tiger Risk Management process is based on the proven HACCP model (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) developed by NASA.

 The RISK Management module includes everything from objective settings to "Plan B" development.

 There is an inclusive CCP management module with automatic review monitoring to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

 Extensive classifications of processes and hazards coupled with a report generating module, facilitates good overviews and graphs with the ability to drill down to detailed information.

 All risks and exposures are expressed in dollar terms making it easy to identify high risk areas and processes and to compare like with like.
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What if it really does happen?
The RISK Management module interfaces with the CQM and Issue Management module. When an incident occur a "Risk Management Failure Action Request" is raised (just click a button) that spells out which process/ process step has failed, who is in charge, whom to notify, resources available, plan B etc. 
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 The CQM and Issue Management module has excellent tracking and reporting facilities to ensure that the incident is dealt with, costed, analysed and that lessons are learnt.

A comprehensive Risk Management system is not a stand alone system. It requires a quality system as supporting act. Training Management, Document control, CQM and Issue Management (Corrective Action management) and more are all available in Paper Tiger.

Extra benefits.
Quite apart from the obvious advantages of reduced risks, the Risk Management process offers some unexpected benefits. Even the very first step, to flowchart each process, often results in more efficient processes, elimination of unnecessary process steps and at times a complete rethink of how the process should work.

Would you like to see more? download a brochure  from the download page.

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