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Training Management

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Training of staff, contractors and customers is the key to improve the performance of any organisation. 

Productivity, quality, health & safety, risk reduction - all depend on having well-trained and motivated staff in the right positions.

Training is an ongoing mission. New staff to be trained, existing staff to be retrained as processes change and improve. Induction training for contractors and product training for customers. Certificates like First Aid or Forklift driving licenses expire and need to be renewed. Training plans, skill levels, training records, career planning need to be addressed. It never stops.

The Paper Tiger Training Management module is a powerful management tool to manage the varied and complex training requirements that organisations have to cope with. Flowchart

Paper Tiger delivers:

Individual training plans (utilises TTGs for fast setup of standard training plans) Training plans
Skill levels – required and actual for each training component.
Report competencies in % for each ndividual, by department, by subject, by whole organisation.....
Tracks and reports training credits.
Tracks and reports true cost of training.
Automatic refresher training reminders when a process or procedure has been updated.
Refresher training reminders at set intervals. 
  • Automatic refresher training reminders when certificates have expired (e.g. First aid).
  • Team creation
  • Team and team competencies
  • TTG's - Task Training Groups

    Extensive reporting including:
  • Training records by individual/ department/ subject Training record
  • Who is due to be trained in what.
  • Who is trained in which task to which skill level.
  • Who is due for up skill training
  • Training summary charts
  • Training Kpi's
  • Percentage training level by individual/ department/ Organisation.
  • Training log for audit purposes 
  • Team competencies  Team map
  • Training by team
  • Training schedules by date  Monthly training schedule

The Training module links with ESH, CQM  and Document control modules.

The Training Management module can be used as a stand-alone program, but it is generally operated in conjunction with Paper Tiger’s Document control to provide a full and comprehensive Training management system in the one software package.

Download a PowerPoint demonstration associated with this section from our download area.

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